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Classic Argyle Boots - How to Ensure Your Buy Genuine Ugg Classi

With the popularity of all styles of Ugg boots including the new Classic Argyle boots increasing there is an increased chance when buying them online that they won't in fact be the genuine article. So how can one recognize whether the Classic Argyle boots you want to purchase from an online dealer are in fact real and not fakes?

Below we offer some tips that you may find useful in helping you to detect whether the Ugg boots you are going to buy are real or not.

Tip 1 - Ask the seller to provide you with a photograph of the sole of the boot so that you can inspect them to see whether the Ugg Insignia is there or not. If the boots have no insignia and are just flat then these are fakes.

Tip 2 - For the past 3 years the boots that are genuine Uggs including the Classic Argyle boots are manufactured in China rather than Australia or New Zealand. So if the seller is advertising theirs as being made in New Zealand or Australia this will quickly identify to you that they are not in fact the genuine article.

Tip 3 - Another quick way of determining whether the boots you are purchasing online are genuine Uggs or not is by how many pairs they have available. If seller is telling you to buy now because they only a few pairs left available this should immediately identify that what they have is not what they seem. So it is best to avoid these sellers at all costs.