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Flaunt Your Figure and Outfits With Spanx Collections

The importance of fashionable garments in today's world has reached to a different dimension altogether. Not only do these garments reflect the style statement of, but also reflect the taste and personality of the person wearing them. When it comes to good dressing, confidence is crucial and the key to carry fashionable dresses depends a lot on the lingerie or undergarments that are worn outside. Undergarments are no less important than a good outfit because it is the underwear that helps you flaunt your shape and highlight the positive aspects of your figure. The name 'Spanx' is synonymous to comfort, style, and luxury in the undergarment industry. Apart from the common people, celebrities from all over the world prefer this brand to make them stand apart from the rest. Along with Spanx, Calvin Klein and Fruit of the Loom are two other names that are also among the other hot favorite brands.

The popularity of Spanx did not happen overnight. The idea of making women look and feel their best was one of the primary factors that made the brand so popular. However, there was more to it. The owner of Spanx conducted a thorough research and then started convincing manufacturers to create the designs of the body shapers and lingerie that has become a trademark in the undergarment industry today. The packaging of the brand, with a bright red cover has also gone a long way to catch the attention of the consumers all over. Added to this attractive packaging, was the humor of the tagline 'Don't worry, we've got your butt covered' that further got people noticing it even more.

The variety of designs and types of fashionable undergarments manufactured by Spanx has a lot to do with its huge popularity. The Spanx Classic Collection is one of the signature products of the company and consists of the original and most basic hosiery items that contributed to the reputation of Spanx. These items include the footless pantyhose, power panties, tights, full length pantyhose and socks. All these items are part of everyone's regular wardrobe, providing great and look to all. Besides there are the Hide and Seek, Slim Cognito, Bod-A-Bing, and Bra-Llelujah that also are hot favorites among the celebrities. You can find the Spanx collection in various stage shows, magazines, and even concerts. Once you get to know these designs, you can choose something yourself too.

Along with the designs available for the regular size, the brand has a huge collection for plus size women also. The collection is exclusively designed to make heavier women feel more confident and look their best. They open up the option of dressing up in a variety of outfits, especially for fat women. Along with style and fit the brand is known for the comfort and quality that it provides. Although the lingerie fits you just perfectly, the fabric allows you to breathe as well. A combination of all these factors works perfectly to make every woman feel great and carry themselves with utmost grace and confidence.

The two other names that resemble quality and comfort are Calvin Klein and Fruit of the Loom. Since 1982, the name Calvin Klein has been a popular brand, especially for ladies lingerie. The designer lines offered by Calvin Klein include bikini, thongs, bras, solution slips, and hipsters to name a few. These undergarments are available in a variety of color options and designs with laces and frills. Along with women, Calvin Klein also offers a variety of collections for men and children. Although a bit expensive, this brand gives you complete value for your money because of their durability. The rust and confidence of the customers have placed this brand among the top names in the lingerie industry.

Another name that leads from the front in designer and stylish but comfortable underwear is Fruit of the Loom. This brand is again known for the quality of the materials that are used for the underwear. The consistency with which Fruit of the Loom has been maintaining their quality standards is what sets them apart from the rest. Moreover, the idea of recyclable packaging have further added to their name and fame. The Fruit of the Loom waistband is one signature product that is reputed for providing complete waist comfort and support.

Choosing the right underwear is an important because it has a direct impact on your dress code and appearance. Therefore it is crucial that you choose wisely to ensure comfort, support, and quality because although worn under the clothes they are in constantly in touch with your body. Brands such as Spanx, Calvin Klein, and Fruit of the Loom are such names that you can trust without any hesitation.