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The Sportswear You Must Have - Nike AW77 - Passion of Sports

AW77 is the lucky number of Nike and the new code of hoodie. This series is based on their traditional sports ideal and original design.

Geoff Hollister held ''Athletics West'', the best training place of athletics, which is a revolutionary event. Because of running in the cold and humid whether in Ohio, those athletics elites need a series of top hoodie to complete training. Then designers introduced AW77.

AW77 hoodie is a key sportswear in winter and autumn. According to the plenty of data resources and keep the best features, it combined with the fashion ideal and sports creativity.

Their thick double fleece with hood can wrap and protect your body without restraint. Sportswear and movements are consistent. It will not change the shape when put off hood.

AW77 in 09 series was redesigned and built a new model. Rib stitch cuff close to the skin; oxidized metal rope top, flat small rope hole and regular inner structure will avoid broken by fiction. The 400 kilo of organic fabric combining with Nike DWR water-resist technology means the rain can fall off directly from the surface and in order to keep dry and warm.

Additionally, the Vislon water-resist zipper provides another protection. When zipping on the top, the soft zipper can protect your chin.

They have dark grey and black which symbolized the gym, red and orange symbolized the playground, and young purple. No matter which team you support, you will find your color to show your passion.

Nike commemorated the long history of ''Athletics West'' and Ohio which is the birth land of Nike creativity through AW77. Why not put on AW77 to experience the mould of sport pioneers and feel their concentrate and firm now?