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Ugg Boots Profile

Ugg Boots are a traditional form of footwear that originated in the Southern Hemisphere in Australia. They are created by using a sheep skin for the outer of the boot and using sheeps wool for the inner lining to create a highly comfortable boot. They were particularly popular amongst farmers within the region as they helped to shield their feet from the harsh winters.

During the 1960's the boots began to become popular amongst surfers who would pull them on after exiting the ocean to help keep their feet free from the irritation of sand. One such surfer was Brian Walker who was also something of an entrepreneur and decided to finance a surfing trip to the west coast of the United States of America by taking a pallet of Ugg boots with him to sell to locals when he arrived. The boots sold well, so well in fact that in 1979 he set up a company Ugg Holdings Incorporated to distribute the boots across the states.

During the early part of the twenty first century the boots started to develop a cult following amongst celebrities in Hollywood causing the popularity of the boots to soar. Seeing this success the large Australian company Decker decided to buy the company and one of their first actions was to trademark the name Ugg Boots.

Decker ramped up their distribution network to expand it into Asia and Europe, with their products being particularly popular within the United Kingdom. Today they have expanded their output to make boots for women, men and children.