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Wearing Burberry Sunglasses and Psychology

The right pair of eyewear can make you or break you and therefore it is essentially important that you choose the right pair of sunglasses that makes the most of your best features. While some wear it for protection from the health threatening UV rays, others wear it as a statement of fashion. Others yet have more in-depth personal reasons why they love or need to wear a pair of Burberry sunglasses.

In fact the behavior of constantly wearing eyewear has been subject of various studies and criticism. Some psychologist maintain that those people who feel naked without their sunglasses because they think that this gives them a boost of self-esteem are typically people with low self-esteem. In the long run donning the Burberry sunglasses which has almost become part of their skin will slowly close these insecure people in their own reality. Once the Burberry sunglasses are taken off, their confidence seems to fade away to resulting in them averting their eyes and lowering their heads when spoken to.

With time their eyewear acts as a dark shield preventing them from appreciating the beautiful blue sky or failing to notice the newly blossomed flower even if it is standing in a pot right in the middle of their dining table. Recent research dealing with the analysis of cases of agoraphobia and mild depression found that most clinical sufferers start wearing eyewear at the set off of their illness. Experts however emphasize that it is not wearing a pair of sunglasses that leads to depression but it is the way people with a tendency to be prone to these sorts of illnesses use it that makes wearing sunglasses so negatively connected in this medical field. These people use this type of eyewear as a shield from their own reality preferring to keep their pain hidden from the rest of the world; but that should not be the case. Human beings need to feel connected to what is going on around them in order to feel that they belong to the society they live in. Just like a house can feel dull or depressing if it does not let in enough light so would the individual who covers his eyes from a healthy amount of sunlight?

Unfortunately, these types of people tend to see wearing a pair Burberry sunglasses as similar as holding on to crutches and feel the need to use them as emotional and psychological support in difficult situations. At first sight there is nothing wrong with helping oneself and it is a positive thing that Burberry sunglasses can also serve this purpose. Yet just like relying on crutches for too long to reach a desired destination, a person who depends on their sunglasses for every challenging event, is like a person who will not be able to walk because their leg muscles have weakened and so have the social coping skills of these individuals.

Burberry sunglasses experts suggest opting for light or bright lenses rather than going for the darker shaded ones, especially if an individual uses glasses as their mirror of confidence. This is because bright lenses allow the Burberry sunglasses wearer to see more clearly what he or she is encountering on a daily basis and they can therefore enjoy the beauty of their surroundings.

Burberry sunglasses experts suggest wearing sunglasses inside in cases of photophobia which is a light sensitivity eye condition. However, they suggest that you first pay a visit to your eye doctor and allow him to give you a thorough eye examination before using Burberry sunglasses to shield you from conditions such as light sensitivity. Where your eye doctor does not find any problem with your eyes, you should ask your general practitioner about you desire to wear Burberry sunglasses at all times including those occasions when you are indoors. Sometimes, light sensitivity is accompanied by strong headaches a condition doctors usually attribute to individuals laboring under stressful conditions.

Do not leave till the last minute to verify if your Burberry sunglasses obsession can be justified due to an eye condition or is perhaps attributable to psychological distress which is also a serious condition that should not be taken for granted.