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What Shooting Accessories Do You Need?

Are you looking to take up shooting? If so, you may not be aware of what you need. Here is a list of accessories that may come in handy.

SHOOTING JACKET You will be outside for most of the day, so you are going to need to stay warm and dry. Look for a waterproof shooting jacket, with plenty of pockets for carrying everything you need, and which allows you to move your arms freely.

SHOOTING VEST Sometimes it'll be warm outside, so a jacket won't be necessary. When that's the case, you'll want a vest that also has pockets aplenty and doesn't restrict your movement.

SHOOTING TROUSERS Durability is the key word here, especially as you may be wearing them while on thorny ground. A good warm pair will last you and see you through most conditions.

HEARING PROTECTION If you are new to the activity, particularly clay pigeon shooting, you may be in for a loud surprise! Get yourself some good protection, of which there is plenty to choose from, and your hearing will be unharmed.

EAR MUFF CASE There will be times when you won't need to wear your hearing protection, but will need to have it with you. When that's the situation, you may want to keep them safe and easy to transport in an ear muff case.

SHOOTING GLASSES As well as helping you to see better, shooting glasses will help protect your eyes.

SHOOTING BOOTS You are going to be on your feet for a long time, so you are going to need a pair of boots that are comfortable, durable and waterproof. An extra tip is to look for boots that have a good grip and provide good ankle support.

GUN SLIP When not in use, you'll want to protect your gun from dirt and damage with a gun slip.

SHOOTING GLOVES A good, durable (there's that word again) pair of gloves will keep you warm in cold weather, while you may want to consider a thorn-proof pair that protects your hands while picking things up.

HOLDALL The simplest way to keep everything in one place (so you don't lose them) and make them easy to carry from place to place is to put them all in a strong holdall.

So, have you got all the shooting accessories you need?