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Where To Get Song Ideas To Buy Breaks Mp3 Tracks And Breakbeat M

Welcome to Global Groove Digital Records, the world's largest online dance music store, with over one million tracks on vinyl, CD and download. The dance MP3 site from the makers of Global Groove Digital Records!

What is House & Dance Music? The definition of house & dance music is quite simply- Music composed/ played specifically for dancing to. House & dance music downloads includes a whole variety of music from waltz to tango, disco to rock. From the dawn of mankind humans possessed the desire to dance in ancient times, the first purpose of dance was ritual ? to the gods of nature. Dancing is proven to make us feel good. Dancing is used in celebrations. In ancient Greece, after harvesting grapes, the occasion was celebrated in honour of the God of wine, Dionysus, where people danced all night long. Although dance and music can be traced back to prehistoric times, it is unclear which came first. As rhythm and sound go hand in hand and exalt movement. The relationship between the two has always been symbiotic.

Our physical store Global Groove Records first opened in 1992. We have been supplying DJs and house & dance music fans with imported and promo vinyl records and CDs for over 15 years, specializing in pre release products in all genres of dance music.

Take a look at our extensive online catalogue of hot new DJ Vinyl from around the world and our massive second hand vinyl collection spanning the last 20 years of dance music. Our knowledge and experience in the retail sector of house music is second to none and our key staff has been involved in every aspect of the dance scene since 1987.

Listen to & download our broad catalogue of digital Funky House music releases. In this section you will find all manner of Funky House music MP3?s ranging from peak time vocal anthems to disco fueled twisted House played by the likes of the Hed Kandi DJs. Browse our digital funky house music catalogue now and download your favourite funky house MP3?s.

Download Dance MP3 Music and Listen to MP3 Songs forcheap rates! Don't miss today?s top music downloads including Smack that and Fergalicious! It's Easy and 100% Legally! Search from over 50,000 songs or browse MP3 music downloads by category. Our huge digital music library consists of MP3 songs of worldwide origin. Global Groove Digital is a legal music download site and does not offer peer-to-peer sharing. The mp3 downloads found on Global Groove Digital is brought to you through our partnerships with the record labels that own the rights to their tracks. When songs are downloaded, the appropriate royalties are paid to the artists. It's totally legal, so there's no risk and no guilt involved.

is a legal music download site and does not offer peer-to-peer sharing. is able to make music available for free because it is ad-supported Advertisements are shown on the website in order to cover royalty and operating costs. Music can be downloaded in the popular MP3 format, which can be played on the vast majority of portable music devices as well as a computer.

Get the party started with a bunch of dance music songs that will surely get your booty shaking. Feel free to shake your groove thing to classic ?70s disco & ?80s dance party songs, as well as today?s new dance music from groups like Countdown. It?s all good. We feature Donna Summer, The Village People, Kool & the Gang and all the best of the ?old school,? dance songs plus killer tracks from the newest DJs out there. Get these dance songs now and gyrate the night away. It?s a sizzling selection of music that will satisfy your soul, rock your world and turn on your love light. Download Dance MP3 Music now!

House & Dance Music Downloads site allows the music lovers to download their much-loved music any point of time without paying any amount for downloading. Majority of the music on the music download site comes under the creative commons license, which allows the Internet users to share, copy, listen and even burn music directly onto their CDs.

House & Dance Music continually reinvented itself since 1970s disco, until it gradually dawned on people that house was not a passing fad, but was, indeed, club culture and the continuing future of dance music. Here you can get the best house songs and boogie the night away even when you?re not in the clubs. Grab the house music downloads from that synthesizer, drum machine and sequencer and get your booty moving. House & dance music started out in small clubs in London and Detroit but quickly spread and absorbed other influences, including reggae, hip hop and house Latin music. Today, house music is enjoying resurgence with a new generation of DJs and promoters like James Zabiela and Mylo.

The most enjoyable part of the wedding reception is the dance music. When choosing dance music for your wedding, you need to decide if you want the services of a DJ or a band for your wedding.